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Knowledge & Experience – Time Is The Best Teacher

Big Data Marketing (Real Time Bidding – RTB) is the most exciting development to sweep across the digital landscape. Forrester projects that RTB will ulitmately capture the bulk of all digital advertising spending. Every small to mid-size business needs to understand this emerging marketing technology and how it will impact thier future marketing efforts.

Until now big data was only available to large corporation with marketing budgets of $100K or more a month. Today small and mid-size businesses can access the same big data for 1/10th the cost.

Now local businesses can access demand side audience targeting at super low cost. Ultra targeting local buyers in real time for as little as $.005 a click (compared to $5 – $10 clicks with pay per click).

Large companies have traditionally participated in “media buys” which are large quantities of impressions that are pre-purchased. This limited the buying process to only largest companies in the world who had very large budgets.

This is no longer the case, the playing field has been leveled so that any advertiser can now bid on a segement of this data pool.

We represent advertisers over 295+ ad networks with billions of daily opportunities to reach your ideal customer. In comparison, Google (the worlds largest search engine) has 20% market reach… which means that Google can NOT show your ad to the other 80% of available users on the internet. But, with our combined 295+ ad networks we have a 90% market reach… which means your ad will be seen no matter what web site they happen to land on. Mind blowing – right?

What – it gets even better! You impression cost average around $4 – $6 CPM (per thousand clicks) that’s $.004 – $.006 per click. There are businesses right now paying $5 – $10 per click on pay per click platform like G & FB.

Secondly, you are not paying of for just any random click. Your future customers only see your ad, the exact moment they are looking to buy your product or service. How do we know this? Because computer users show a behavior pattern right before to purchase something online. When those trigger go off that’s when your ad is shown to the customer.

Start today with RTB & Retargeting. This is a done for you service, all you need to do is give us a little information about your business and your ideal customer. Then we start a campaign to match you up with your ideal customer – sound cool? It could not be simpler and our clients love this service. Again we never lock you into a long term contract.

Why A 360° Local Marketing Approach?

Is your business invisible to your customers online? Really, you may think that it’s EASY to find your business online – but when you consider how vast the internet is and the billions of web sites the people visit (what about smart/mobile phone users), you maybe invisible online. That’s why we recommend a 360° local marketing approach – the only way to make sure you are visible.

Did you know that most business online are like a revolving doors. What? That’s right a revolving doors. Your have online store front (called your website) and you spend all your time and money to try and get people to your store. But when they get there you just let them walk away – never to see them again. Why?

On average people spend less than 5 seconds on web site. It takes on average 7 exposures to your business before people will buy from you. How are you going to get in front of people 7 times?

That’s where retargeting comes in. We take that 5 second visit to your web site and tag that visitor. Now, everytime they are check their email (there’s your ad), when they are looking at post about funny cats on facebook (there’s your ad), how about looking up directions to a restaurant (yep there’s your ad). In very short time they have an idea to give you a call or stop by your store on the way home from work.

So as you see in the chart to the left… The first step is to increase your visibility online (Take the visibility test on the top of this page – it’s okay if you have a low grade – “we can fix it”). The next step is to start getting new customers with RTB & retargeting. The third step is optimize the conversion of those new leads into customers. Then the final step is to 10X it – which means to figure out what is working and do more of it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Myth or Fact

SEO reminds me of that old Wendy’s commercial “Where’s the BEEF!”, But with SEO it’s “Where’s the TRAFFIC”. For years business have been told that SEO is the key to getting more customers online. Here’s what happens you pay a so called SEO expert a $1000 a month to rank your web site for “keywords”. Months go by and at this point you have paid your SEO expert $12,000 and he even shows you good ranking results, but you never got any customers from their efforts. What happen?

It’s not the SEO guys fault. The problem is that SEO has to be done a large scale to be effective. Your business needs to rank for thousands of keywords in order to get a sustainable amount of traffic.

Think about the process of SEO. If your business could magically have the top result for it’s main “keywords” – in order to get a click, the user would have to type in that keyword, then choose your piece of content to read or view and after that decide to do business with you. The fact, is people are busy and distracted. 95% of time people who type in a keyword never make it to a web site.

Sorry to tell you that, but it’s true. I have over 20 years of testing to show it to be true.

Okay, I only recommend SEO as a supplement to an RTB campaign. We have the very best SEO team in the world and we have ranked some very high profile web sites for 10’s of thousands of “keywords”. Our founder spent over million dollars reverse engineering SEO ranking algorithmes and testing on dark servers to see how to rank websites. We only use SEO best practices such as social proof, relevance and user experience.

After working with you a while we will get know your needs and we will help you determine SEO marketing is a right fit for your business.

Citation Site Services – Local Viability

As business owner, knowing that your business is invisible is just not exceptionable. You would like that citation sites would make it easy for companies to claim their listings and verify their citation. But we have found that business owners get VERY frustrated with the tedious process of contact over 200 citation sites with their information and then verifying with post cards and phone calls.

Don’t you wish you could just enter your information once and then magically your listed on over 300 citation sites. One and done – that’s our goal for you here at 360° IM Team.

When you order this service, we’ll send you an intake form over to you via email. Just take 5 minutes to fill out the form. We’ll verify the information and then out team will get your business listed everywhere. We give you a full report of your listings, logins and all the important items for your business.

Social Media & Online Reputation Management

Life happens and we are all busy… But the biggest mistake most businesses make is not protecting there online reputation. You need to proactive with your Online Reputation Management. What does that mean? Simply put you need to connect with groups of people online and make them your fans. This is done the same way you make new friends offline, you build a relation over time. First you introduce yourself and let them know what you do, then you ask the take minute with you (share some value) and if they like that they may be interested in more.

The only problem is that business owners are very busy and do have time to sit at the computer all day and make friends. We have full time people who nothing but make friends on your behalf. This way when someone post negative stuff about your business you will a sea of positive information to eliminate the impact of the bad.

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