SEO Columbia SC

For local businesses and small businesses in the Columbia sc area. In 2016 your online visibility is very important to your online business success. Why? One word “mobile” that’s right everyone has a mobile phone and they are using that phone to find your business. This was not the case few years ago, because people had to stop by their computers to find your business. Today people pull out their phones and look you up. Your job is make sure your business is visible.

Despite what you have been told traditional Seo Columbia sc is not going to help you secure your place in today digital market place. In the first place, you have to rank your website in the top the search engines for your industry. This process can cost you over $12,000 per year. And there no guarantee that you will get to the top of the results. If someone says they can guarantee first page ranks in less than 90 days, they are using techniques that may get you de-index.


Secondly, SEO is a four letter word to most business owners. There have been too many ripoff artist who come in to town make great promises and leave them holding an empty bag.

Let’s be REAL second, is there enough SEO traffic for your local market to grow your business. In most cases the answer is NO. But, what if you could show your advertising message to everyone’s computer screen in Columbia SC? What if I told you that you can do just that for as little as $4 per thousand.

We have the largest Ad network in the country. Which means we can get you ad on the front page Fox News, CNN News, USA Today, New York Times, and much more. Every website offer banner advertising can display your ads to your local customer.

Just think of how cheap it be to get in front of 60,000 people in your local area for just $10 a day.